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Selling quality produce, including home-made sausages, like they used to taste. In season you'll find game and fresh venison. All year round you can buy meat from rare breed animals we stock within a 25 mile radius.
Home of the Ludlow Sausage


We at D W Wall, Ludlow have the original award winning ‘Ludlow Sausage’ recipe which we purchased from Carters Butchers in 2007.


This secret recipe has been passed down throught the generations of Ludlow butchers.


 With the famous Ludlow Food and Drink Festival enabling us to help promote our sausages. We make many varieties of sausage, many which are aware winning.


Please Note: Ludlow sausage are only availible at D.W.Wall Ludlow. Craven Arms shop is now a seperate business and do not stock Ludlow sausage

Game Meats


We stock a wide range of game during the short game season.  Our game is supplied by local shoots, mainly Stokesay and Norton Estate.


Wild Hare, Pheasants, Partridge, Rabbit, Venison, Grouse and mixed game packs.


Always give us a ring to check whats in stock.





Local sourced traditional breeds and traditional breed crosses. 


Again we have many local farmers, one of our customer favourites is traditional breeds crossed with wild boar.


Rare Breed cattle


Locally sourced traditional breeds beef. 


Longhorn, Dexter, Hereford, Welsh Black, Galloway to name but a few. 


We have many local farmers. Mr Edd Jones, Mr R Gatehouse, Mr R Thomas, Mr Wheeler and many more who supply us with many different breeds.


We have a local private slaughter house in Leintwardine so our animals suffer as little stress as possible.


Free Range Poultry


We stock Springfield Poultry. They have been producing top quality birds since the late 1950's.


They roam free, foraging and grazing from first light to dusk, welfare is extremely important to a Springfield bird.


See more at:



We do occasionally have some traditional breeds of lambs, but I like to buy my lambs from my local slaughter house who knows exactly what we like.


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